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    product revaluation through art/design:

    LaCie Blade Runner imagined by Philippe Starck
    limited edition of 9.999

    The LaCie Blade Runner is more than just a beautifully designed hard drive – it’s a creation by world famous designer Philippe Starck that represents the combination of human and machine. The LaCie Blade Runner’s sharp, cage-like enclosure surrounds an almost anthropomorphic, liquid metal interior. Inspired by the mysterious, incredible power of information technology, the LaCie Blade Runner combines an anthropomorphic metal interior with an angular cage-like shell. It begs the question; can we truly confine technology to a cage? 

    The LaCie Blade Runner is as well equipped as it is designed. Its 4TB drive and high-speed USB 3.0 interface* deliver more than enough performance to handle even the most data-intensive tasks. The aluminum casing makes the LaCie Blade Runner one of the most resistant and coolest desktop drives on the market. The radiator design rapidly dissipates heat to help boost performance and ensure long-term reliability. Philippe Starck’s signature cross symbol appears as an LED power button on the front of the LaCie Blade Runner—glowing orange when the drive is powered on, or green when the drive is in Eco Mode.

    RRP: 299 EUR

    Found on Geizhals for 240 EUR

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